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The place to Place Pothos Crops within the House


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Mar 15, 2024
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Houseplant homeowners treasure pothos vegetation for his or her lovely trailing foliage. These tropical vines are additionally full of that means and symbolism, particularly in feng shui. Understanding precisely the place to place pothos vegetation in your house helps you maximize the optimistic energy of those unbelievable vegetation. On this article, we’ll run by way of the very best places for pothos vegetation in your house for optimum care and power move.

Pothos Plant on a white cupboard indoors
Pothos Plant on a white cupboard indoors

Key Takeaways​

Pothos vegetation are considered able to absorbing adverse power within the residence whereas additionally producing optimistic power flows. Place pothos on high of cupboards or unused corners the place adverse power congregates. Pothos additionally promote good luck, so place them within the southeast areas of a room linked to wealth and prosperity.

Pothos Crops and Feng Shui​

Regardless of not being native to Asia, pothos vegetation have develop into well-known feng shui vegetation. Pothos vegetation are related to optimistic power as a result of they’ll thrive in virtually any setting. As well as, they’re additionally thought to soak up adverse power from your own home.

Pothos vegetation also can assist purify the air inside your own home. In keeping with NASA’s Clean Air Study, pothos can take in chemical compounds like benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene from the encircling air. This reinforces the idea that pothos vegetation can cut back adverse power in a house.

Pothos vegetation might also symbolize abundance and prosperity in feng shui. These prolific vines are linked to good luck and monetary success. Pothos is named the’ cash plant’ in some areas of South Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

The place to Place Pothos Crops within the House​

Trailing Variegated Pothos Plant
Trailing Variegated Pothos Plant

The Bagua Map​

As a philosophy, feng shui focuses on the totally different currents of power that move by way of and round your own home setting. By adapting the options and furnishings of your own home in particular methods, you might channel several types of power that you just wish to domesticate. Crops are a number of the finest feng shui gadgets you should utilize as a result of they convey pure energies into your own home.

In feng shui, the Bagua map is used to divide a whole home or particular person rooms into 9 totally different power areas. These are:

  • Middle = Well being (Tai Qi)
  • North = Profession (Kan)
  • Northeast = Data (Gen)
  • East = Household (Zhen)
  • Southeast = Prosperity and Wealth (Xun)
  • South = Fame and Popularity (Li)
  • Southwest = Relationships (Kun)
  • West = Kids and Creativity (Dui)
  • Northwest = Journey and Useful Individuals (Qian)

Pothos vegetation are thought to soak up adverse power (or chi) and radiate optimistic power. Damaging power tends to congregate on high of cabinets and different darkish or unused areas. As a result of pothos vegetation can tolerate shade and have trailing foliage, they’re superb for reinforcing the optimistic power in these areas.

Pothos vegetation are additionally linked to good luck, monetary prosperity, and wealth. In keeping with the Bagua map, the southeastern nook of a room is related to these qualities. So, this is a perfect place for pothos vegetation. This works particularly effectively in case you earn a living from home and wish to domesticate a profitable setting in your workplace.

One other necessary a part of the Bagua map is how totally different areas relate to the 5 components; earth, hearth, steel, water, and wooden. Like different houseplants, pothos vegetation are related to the wooden factor. On the Bagua map, the wooden factor is related to japanese and southeastern areas.

Concerns for the Care Wants of Pothos Crops​

Trailing Green Leaves of a Pothos Plant
Trailing Green Leaves of a Pothos Plant

The perfect place for a pothos is often a southeastern or eastern-facing window. This supplies some gentle in the course of the morning however not intense daylight within the afternoon. This matches up effectively with the very best areas of the Bagua map for pothos vegetation.

Pothos vegetation can tolerate shadier areas, so gentle isn’t often a problem when it comes to placement. Pothos grows finest when allowed to path down, so placing them on high of a cupboard or shelf is good. Even when these areas are barely shadier, the pothos will nonetheless thrive.

That stated, pothos work effectively in bogs, that are extra humid than different areas of the house. Nonetheless, this isn’t important and doesn’t essentially match with the best feng shui positions for pothos vegetation.

The place NOT to Place Pothos Crops within the House​

The 5 Components concept of feng shui, referred to as Wu Xing, research the relationships between the 5 components talked about earlier. Some components nurture others, whereas sure mixtures will conflict. This helps us work out some areas the place we shouldn’t place pothos vegetation.

Pothos and different vegetation are related to the wooden factor. Wooden is weakened by hearth, which governs the southern a part of the Bagua map. Placing pothos vegetation in southern areas may weaken their skill to supply optimistic power and take in adverse power.

Equally, sure components can conflict and battle with one another. As a result of steel can slice by way of wooden, this creates a battle between the 2 components. Metallic governs the West and Northwest areas of the Bagua map, probably making these areas unsuitable for pothos vegetation.

The place to Place Pothos Crops Open air​

Though often stored as a houseplant, pothos might also be grown outside within the backyard or on a patio. As a result of they want a tropical local weather, pothos vegetation are finest suited to gardens in USDA Growing Zones 10 to 12.

One factor to bear in mind is that pothos vegetation can develop into invasive in new tropical environments. Examine your native laws to see if pothos is listed as an invasive species. To restrict the chance of spreading, develop pothos in pots with a pole to climb up.

Pothos vegetation want a heat, humid, shaded location when grown outside. Dappled daylight within the morning is good, however direct afternoon solar will trigger issues.

The place to Place Pothos Crops FAQs:​

What room is finest for a pothos plant?​

An workplace is good for a pothos plant as a result of they promote success and prosperity and dispel adverse power. Japanese or southeastern rooms present the very best rising circumstances for pothos.

How distant from the window ought to a Pothos Plant be?​

Pothos do finest roughly three toes away from japanese or southeastern home windows. In brighter south or southwestern rooms, they need to be between eight and ten toes away from the window.

Can I put my pothos plant in a nook?​

Pothos are superb vegetation for corners as a result of they cut back the adverse power of those areas. Pothos vegetation which might be skilled to climb up poles make wonderful decorative vegetation for corners.

Can pothos vegetation thrive in low-light environments?​

Pothos can develop fairly fortunately in low-light environments, though progress will probably be slower in full shade. Partial shade is good.

Can pothos vegetation tolerate drafts?​

Pothos vegetation don’t do effectively with drafts as a result of they want heat, humid circumstances to thrive. Hold pothos away from air vents or radiators to keep away from drafts.

The Closing Phrase​

Pothos vegetation are low-maintenance houseplants which have a number of advantages in feng shui. When positioned in southeastern areas, pothos can assist enhance success and prosperity. Pothos are well-suited to east-facing rooms and thrive in these environments.


Andrew is the Editorial Director at Petal Republic. He holds a BSc diploma in Plant Sciences and has skilled professionally at main floristry faculties in London and Paris. In amongst overseeing a worldwide editorial staff, Andrew’s a passionate content material creator round all issues flowers, floral design, gardening, and houseplants.
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