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Artwork for the Surroundings at Monterey Bay Aquarium – RecycleNation


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Mar 15, 2024
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Within the exhibition, “Artwork for the Surroundings” on the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the hope is that by bringing collectively a singular group of artists, “artwork may help us re-envision our relationship to the world we dwell in.” The artists hope to encourage the viewer to “change not solely our attitudes in regards to the atmosphere, however our behaviors as nicely.”


The exhibit focuses on litter, particularly plastic litter, its results on the ocean atmosphere and the way we every could make an actual distinction. Right here a just some examples from the exhibition of what we are able to do:

Lose the Litter

Plastic litter causes hurt in our oceans. “From toys and disposable lighters to bottles, luggage and straws, a lot of the trash in our oceans is plastic. And regardless of the place you reside, plastic litter finally makes its technique to the ocean, the place it threatens the lives of seabirds, sea turtles and marine mammals.”


What can we do? When you dwell by a seaside, set up or take part in a seaside cleanup. Even if you happen to’re simply visiting a seaside, clear up any litter you discover. When you don’t dwell close to an ocean, decide up trash at your faculties, parks and neighborhoods.

Select Ocean-safe Merchandise

Plastics take in poisonous chemical substances within the ocean. “Bits of plastic air pollution within the ocean take in chemical substances like sponges. Scientists assume these toxins first enter the ocean meals internet via filter-feeding animals.”

What can we do? Keep away from utilizing dangerous chemical substances in your gardens and in your houses. These toxins make their manner into our waterways. Be sure that to carry used motor oil, previous paint and different hazardous waste to your native waste disposal website. Examine to seek out your nearest Family Hazardous Waste (HHW) facility.

Reduce Again on Plastic


Our plastic behavior is inflicting issues for our oceans. “We’re within the behavior of utilizing disposable plastic – and many it. It’s quick and simple to purchase a plastic water bottle after which simply throw it away. However tons of plastic trash finds its manner into our oceans day by day and threatens many marine animals.”

What can we do? Break the disposable plastic behavior however pondering reusable merchandise as an alternative of single-use disposable ones.

The exhibit additionally reveals via pictures and artwork made from plastic, the precise struggles of marine life with the litter they encounter. For instance, plastic luggage look to the leatherback sea turtle identical to their favourite meals – jellies. The plastic luggage trigger the turtles to choke or hurt them by clogging up their intestines.


For extra details about Monterey Bay Aquarium and its conservation efforts, go to https://www.montereybayaquarium.org/support-us/ways-to-give/protect-the-ocean.
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