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11 Breeds Of Chickens That Lay Pink Eggs


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Mar 15, 2024
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We’ve all heard of the goose that laid the golden egg, however what about chickens that lay pink eggs? No, they’re not pre-dying Easter eggs or internet hosting a gender reveal occasion. The reality is that rooster eggs truly are available many shades of white, cream, darkish brown, inexperienced, blue, and pink. What turns an egg pink, and are they fit for human consumption?

Pink and light brown with speckles eggs.
Pink and light brown with speckles eggs.

Picture credit score: Yard Backyard Lover

Let’s discover the highest 5 details about chickens that lay pink eggs after which reply among the most incessantly requested questions on these pink egg layers and their colourful eggs.

5 Information About Pink Egg Layers​

  1. It takes a bit of greater than a full 24-hour day for a rooster to supply an egg, and 20 of these hours are spent forming the shell of the egg.
  2. Since shells are manufactured from primarily calcium, all eggshells begin out white. Pink eggs are believed to be the results of what known as “bloom” which is of course utilized over a lightweight tan egg throughout its formation.
  3. Because the white shell types contained in the hen, pigmentation begins to be secreted from cells within the hen’s uterus. This pigmentation is called protoporphyrins or organic pigments. Relying on the tint or shade of the porphyrin, the pigment will kind at totally different levels of shell manufacturing, which is why most eggs stay white on the within.
  4. What we name pink eggs could also be extra of a pinkish-cream coloration or pale brown. Some rooster homeowners report that their pink eggs will flip brown after they wash them with water however return to pink as they dry.
  5. The breed of rooster issues, however nobody breed assures pink eggs. It in the end boils all the way down to the person variation inside that breed. Chickens who lay olive, blue, or darkish brown eggs bred with one who lays cream-colored eggs could produce a pink egg layer or no less than an egg that resembles pink. Those that lay cream-colored eggs may have a genetic variation to tint their eggs pink.

Need some inexperienced egg layers? It’s enjoyable to get a bunch of various coloured eggs!

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how to raise chickens for eggs
how to raise chickens for eggs

11 Breeds of rooster that lay pink eggs​

Pink egg layers are fairly uncommon and are available from many various breeds of chickens. The breeds of chickens under will lay pink eggs, but it surely’s not the norm. All of it relies on the variations inside the breeds, having a genetic variation that provides them the pink coloration.

Nobody breed can assure a pink egg layer, however olive eggers, blue egg layers, or darkish brown egg-laying chickens bred with a creamy-colored egg layer may create a rooster that lays an egg in a pink shade.

1. Asil​

Whereas the Asil could also be identified to put pink eggs, they don’t have a tendency to put very many eggs at about 40 eggs per 12 months.

A couple of different issues to find out about this breed: they’re aggressive with one another however not people! Aggression is a matter particularly after they’re confined, so it’s necessary to have loads of house for them.

They are often simply dealt with as a result of they’re fairly docile round folks. The hens make excellent moms who are typically sort and protecting in direction of their chicks.

2. Some Australorps​

Not all Australorps lay pink eggs, however some do. They’re very family-friendly and are fairly with their shiny black coloration with purple combs and wattles on the hens and the roosters. This breed is extraordinarily productive in laying eggs.

Australorps lay between 250 and 300 giant, mild brown eggs yearly. Australorps are in style in Australia.

3. Barred Rock​

The Barred Rock breed are good layers averaging about 280 eggs every year. The breed is used each as egg layers and for meat. They’ve darkish reddish bay eyes, yellow beaks, and purple earlobes. They are typically very mellow.

They usually lay brown eggs, however sometimes, some will lay pink eggs.

4. Buff Orpington​

This fantastically feathered, plump, and stately hen will casually strut across the rooster yard as if she owns the place. They arrive in a couple of varieties of colours starting from buff, black, white, or blue and in two sizes, giant fowl and bantams. They’ve purple wattles, combs, and earlobes.

This breed is pleasant and docile even loving to be cuddled and nice with youngsters. The Buff Orpington tends to put about 200 to 280 eggs per 12 months.

5. Croad Langshan​

This breed is likely one of the oldest breeds and has lengthy, silky black or white feathers. They are typically very mild and calm however heavy and typically by accident trample their eggs.

They lay about 180 to 240 eggs per 12 months. Most eggs are buff or brownish and huge, although some lay eggs with a pink bloom.

6. Some Easter Eggers​

Additionally known as EE, the Easter Egger shouldn’t be an official breed however somewhat a mixture of both an Araucana or an Ameraucana, each tough to seek out in America, bred with every other breed. ‘

Their eggs are typically giant and colourful, starting from blue to inexperienced, olive, aqua, yellow, and typically with a pink hue.

They are typically pleasant to people, together with youngsters, and are hardy. They’ve lovely feathers in quite a lot of patterns. Some even have inexperienced toes or legs. The EE is an efficient egg layer and can produce about 250 eggs per 12 months.

7. Mild Sussex​

This breed is available in quite a lot of coloured plumage with mild or purple and speckled ones in america. The Mild Sussex is a really cherished and endearing breed. They’re extraordinarily docile but very alert to their environment.

They lay about 250 mild pinkish-tan or brown eggs per 12 months.

8. Mottled Javas​

No, they’re not a espresso drink. This uncommon breed will get its title from the isle of Java the place they’re thought to have originated. They’ve a placing purple eye coloration contrasted in opposition to their 4 kinds of both black feathers, mottled, white, or auburn.

Mottled Java chickens make nice free-range chickens, are hardy but calm, and are glorious foragers. Their eggs are normally thought of to be brown, however some look pinkish. They produce about 150 per 12 months.

9. Plymouth Rock​

Because the title hints, that is certainly one of America’s oldest breeds with black and white plumage. They lay about 200 giant brown eggs per 12 months. Some lay very mild tan eggs that look pink with the bloom.

The Plymouth Rock chickens are extraordinarily mellow, candy, and calm docile birds however are continuously curious. They’re additionally very trusting. So, be ready for them to observe you round.

10. Salmon Faverolles​

Their feathers are a honey salmon coloration, they usually have a pinkish beak with reddish eyes and an cute beard. They arrive from a small village in France the place they get their title.

The Faverolle rooster tends to be enthusiastic, curious, and noisy, but they’re pleasant. Count on round 180 to 200 mild brown or pinkish eggs every year.

11. Silkies​

Silkies make glorious mom hens, good layers, and are tremendous simple to take care of. They take nicely to free-range environments and are hardy, with black or darkish blue pores and skin and blue earlobes.

When not getting used for breeding and sitting to hatch, they lay about 100 eggs per 12 months. Their pink eggs are typically small and never very brightly coloured, however they do have a pink tint.

FAQs about chickens that lay pink eggs​

Does the rooster decide egg coloration?​

Having a rooster in with a laying hen doesn’t have an effect on the egg coloration. However, breeding may. Some breeds usually tend to produce pink eggs than others.

Is there a strategy to predict egg coloration?​

Some say you may predict the egg coloration by trying on the rooster’s earlobe color. In fact, some chickens have purple earlobes, and none make purple eggs, so that you be the choose.

Do pink eggs style totally different?​

No. There is no such thing as a distinction in the way in which totally different coloured eggs style. Neither is the vitamin totally different. Whereas some egg consumers insist that brown eggs style higher, it’s most likely simply their creativeness.

Are pink eggs fit for human consumption?​

Completely! We’ve got it drilled into our heads that rooster meat is unsafe until the juices run clear with no pink. Nevertheless, the colour of a rooster egg doesn’t make it unsafe to eat even when it’s pink.

Chickens that lay pink eggs
Chickens that lay pink eggs


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